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Understanding Intent

As shoppers become more digitally savvy, and businesses lean more into technology to differentiate themselves, eCommerce teams are often tasked with both creating fresh brand experiences and refining the ones already in place to keep up with high demands of omnichannel shoppers.

Your First-Party Data Strategy: Don’t Fear, First-Party Data has Always Been Here

If you are worried about losing your third-party pixels, things will be ok. There are far better, more valuable, and accessible data every company has access to in first-party data.

Inclusive Design and Leading with Empathy

Inclusive Design and Leading with Empathy

In her role, Misty describes her job as ensuring “that whatever we put out into the world as a digital experience for our clients is as inclusive as possible. It’s about inspiring, advocating, educating, and finding all the ways we can welcome more people and help them feel more seen and valued.”

Headless Commerce for the  C-Suite

Headless Commerce for the

This ebook focuses on the opportunities headless commerce provides for each business area, as well as exploring the benefits, challenges and questions to ask your business.