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LiveArea amplifies SPREE Interactive’s brand in VR gaming.


July 20, 2021

The future lies in merging physical and digital worlds, and this is exactly what SPREE Interactive is doing as it brings multiplayer, free-roaming virtual reality or VR gameplay to shopping malls, family entertainment centers, and museums in Europe, U.S., and the Middle East. This is a booming sector LiveArea is helping to foster.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, retail parks, family entertainment centers, and museums must work harder to attract visitors and utilize space vacated as so many physical businesses moved online. In parallel, VR gaming is mushrooming. Valued at US$14.5 billion for 2020 it is set to grow 30% each year to US$92.3 billion in the next seven years.

SPREE Interactive is a global leader, yet still a start-up in multi-player VR attractions, turning under-utilized brick-and-mortar areas into immersive, virtual experiences that gamers can interact with in real-time using SPREE’s proprietary, patented sensor fusion technology, and a cutting-edge content distribution platform. The VR market continues to grow, and at the same time, the location-based entertainment industry, anticipated to reach USD 30.29 billion by 2028, is only just beginning to take esports and virtual reality attractions seriously.

This is where LiveArea entered to lend expertise. SPREE Interactive was looking to boost its brand awareness. The company rebranded from Holodeck VR and needed a new identity. It was important for the company to maintain its position in the market and increase awareness, especially in the wake of the pandemic, which hit the location-based entertainment industry particularly hard.

LiveArea aimed to align and amplify SPREE Interactive’s brand. This involved an initial audit and advice on the company’s social media feeds, website content, brand manifesto, and messaging.

An expanded VR footprint

SPREE Interactive is on a mission; it’s growing at an exponential rate, due to the vast growth in VR, rise in esports, revenues estimated to reach $1.5B by 2023, combined with increased foot traffic and explosive demand from shopping malls to find innovative ways to utilize the floor space. The company is looking to expand the footprint of VR gameplay globally with distribution partnerships, new clients, and investments. The company has already seen growth in these areas, securing multimillion-euro or dollar funding recently, as well as the expansion of its team and gaming catalog.

With expansion plans in mind SPREE Interactive sought to bolster its brand awareness strategy and foster its brand vision and purpose. It tapped LiveArea for its NXT Brand Experience Review, part of LiveArea’s NXT Intelligence™ Service, which aims to make the most of the nexus between technology, innovation, and brand experience. LiveArea was instrumental in giving SPREE Interactive a voice in new markets and with new audiences, customers, and license holders. SPREE is serving many types of VR content including family-friendly content, educational content, and competitive eSports content. To communicate clear brand messaging and boost awareness in these specific markets was the challenge LiveArea helped the Nuremberg-based company overcome.

“Our partnership with LiveArea enabled us to uncover new targets, content, and coverage to new areas, beyond VR industry including esports, gaming, toys, entertainment, and finance,” said Jonathan Nowak Delgado, Founder, and Managing Director, SPREE Interactive. “As a result, we received several leads and partnership interest directly aligning with our growth goals. Beyond providing actionable recommendations, LiveArea made a direct impact on our business.”


After working with LiveArea, SPREE Interactive has achieved new sales and content partnerships. Awareness of the brand increased with mentions in publications rising 115% and impressions climbing 99,627%, further expanding content and coverage to new areas beyond VR industry, including esports, gaming, toys, entertainment, and finance.

Website traffic has increased close to 35%, interactions on social media engagement have grown 21%. Currently, SPREE Interactive’s products deliver one of the highest returns on investment in the industry. LiveArea is proud to be part of this story and to partner with SPREE Interactive, which is looking to be the Netflix of hyper-immersive social virtual reality experiences.

“SPREE Interactive is a pioneer in creating immersive experiences through their proprietary technology and content distribution platform in the location-based entertainment space. As VR and location-based entertainment continues to rise, we are helping SPREE Interactive uncover key growth opportunities, brand experience enhancements, and articulating a cogent message that tells their story compellingly aligning with their overall goals for growth,” said Valerie Vacante, Director of Strategy, LiveArea.



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