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Putting the performance in marketing. 

Successful marketing is a delicate dance of data and creativity. It fuses a human connection with a data-led approach to strategy, planning, messaging, and the optimization of customer experience and campaigns. Get it right and marketing can deliver great performance.  

Great marketing marries art and science — creatively. 



Marketing you can track and measure.

We bring together a holistic portfolio of services to help you engage customers and create richer, deeper connections that optimize your performance. Select the precise services you need to improve engagement. Drive results with creative strategies and individual tactics that align with your brand and the goals you seek to achieve.

Combining strategy, design and user experience, and powerful technologies and tactics to help you drive results, we build targeted, data-driven campaigns that personalize interactions, attract new customers, and nurture existing relationships.

Marketing Planning and Strategy

  • Customer research
  • Digital brand strategy
  • Media strategy
  • Data strategy

    Email Marketing

    • B2C and B2B campaigns ​
    • Transactional emails​
    • Email automation​
    • SMS marketing​
    • Email deployment & Development​
    • Email UX and Design ​

    Branded Content Creation

    • Digital advertising ​
    • Video content ​
    • Social content ​
    • Infographics ​
    • White papers ​
    • Blogs

    Storefront Merchandising

    • Site merchandising​
    • Marketplace management​
    • Content management​
    • Onsite search optimization​
    • Training and enablement ​

    Search Engine Optimization

    • Technical SEO​
    • Content SEO ​
    • Off-Page SEO ​
    • Local SEO ​
    • App store SEO ​

    Paid Media

    • Paid media audit and campaign optimization​
    • Paid media strategy​
    • Paid search and shopping management​
    • Social advertising​
    • Copywriting and design

    Data Analytics

    • Analytics, data management platform, and customer data platform projects
    • Data exploration
    • Statistical modeling
    • Data visualization
    • Testing and optimization


    Data is at the heart of everything we do.​

    We create customer relationshipbuilding insights that drive strategy and action. We’re experts at helping clients leverage data analytics and optimization across marketing, customer experience, and the full customer journey. This creates powerful, measurably effective marketing that builds brands, drives traffic, and enhances overall customer value.​ 

    ​We start by giving you a plan grounded in brand strategy and customer understanding. Then we create the content and experiences to build relationships and serve customers across every digital channel and touchpoint. We move fast and rapidly design, build, test, and launch new marketing and experience optimization ideas.  Finally, we deploy campaigns with a test, measure, and learn approach to optimize every channel of your marketing. ​ 

    ​The result is continual improvement in the effectiveness of your content, media spend, and customer experience. It’s a program that gives you the knowledge you’ve been looking for to turn shoppers into customers, and customers into loyal advocates of your brand. ​ 

    The performance marketing continuum.

    • A holistic view – understanding the complete path to purchase and full customer journey  
    • Multi-channel attribution – assigning credit to each campaign and channel to optimize marketing spend  
    • Campaign ROI – measuring and analyzing performance and KPIs  
    • Audience reach – understanding target customer reach and conversion metrics 
    • Clear and actionable goals – identifying distinct goals that connect actions with results  

    Performance Marketing Case Studies.

    Today, Vari is seeing stand-out results in B2B and B2C channels as customer engagement is elevated ...
    LiveArea digital marketing services are helping Maggiano's increase customer loyalty and grow ...

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