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Think like a customer. Innovate like a start-up.

Brand loyalty isn’t what it used to be. Today, customers are introduced to new products and services from fast-moving disrupters and they’re more willing than ever to switch brands and never look back. So how do you create more loveable products they won’t leave? The answer is innovation — and it better be fast.

For sustained growth, companies need consistent streams of new products, services, processes, and business models.



We create products people love.

For many companies, what may have fueled success in the past – a relentless focus on running and managing their core business – often prevents them from inventing the future of their enterprise. This heightens risks posed by start-ups actively imagining and investing in new products that disrupt the market.

LiveArea’s Product Innovation Service helps brands act, invent, and move like a start-up. Our approach is simple: We create products people love – and we do it fast. Our goal from day one is to rapidly design, build, test, and launch new products. It’s why we build in small, self-directed, highly collaborative cross-functional teams.

We help you imagine, build, and test new products. We can help you generate ideas through our NXT Intelligence™ service, a collection of solutions focused on helping clients identify and assess innovation opportunities. Conversely, we can take an idea you’ve generated and make it a reality.  Our Product Innovation Service brings ideas to life.


  • Try and test ideas
  • Define strategy 
  • Ideate and build product prototypes  
  • Imagine design and user experience 
  • Build accelerators  
  • Explore and test emerging technology 


Our rapid product innovation approach.

The only way to out-innovate competition ​is through rapid experimentation. Far too often, over-analysis kills innovation before an idea sees the light of day. But our approach allows us to rapidly develop a hypothesis so we can prove it through design quickly.Our rapid product approach focuses on four simple steps: 


We work with your team to focus on customer needs to invent, identify, generate, and develop customer value proposition opportunities.


We take everything we’ve learned from an imagine workshop and put it to the test through experiments. We build prototypes that render the final solution and test it out in the wild with real people. 

Create and build

We create and continuously build the best product concepts from the experimental stage and take them to market. We focus on speed to market and our ability to create not a minimum viable product, but a minimum lovable product that can be launched for customers rapidly.


We continuously optimize the product built in the create-and-build stage. Using the latest tools and techniques, we help you achieve “revenue acceleration” by optimizing your design without the need for expensive, slow, traditional analysis and testing. 

Bringing innovation to life.

To invent new products customers want to use, we leverage design thinking and focus on delivering both customer and business value.

Our Product Innovation team is constantly looking ahead and predicting where the customer is going. And our approach allows you to take advantage of our insights and rapidly design, build, and bring new product ideas to market to seize opportunities as swiftly as possible.

Consider LiveArea Scan & Go™, our patent-pending technology that offers a checkout-free experience – no queuing, apps, or additional hardware. This innovative mobile technology seamlessly integrates into your existing website, customer profiles, and loyalty programs.

LiveArea Scan & Go is easy to use and can be customized to reflect brand initiatives, including loyalty programs to reward consumers for purchasing with the device. Suggestive selling is enabled, too. Companion purchases can be recommended. And, by enabling customers to assist themselves and eliminating service queues, retailers can increase sales and average order value.

We keep your customer and their needs in mind in everything we do. That’s why we build prototypes and share them with your customers for input, suggestions, and feedback. Every product feedback session is an opportunity to learn more about the user and brings us closer to building the perfect product for your business.​



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