Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ‘defining technology’ of our times. Despite obvious benefits in automation and customer experience, businesses have been slow to adopt. Why? Is the investment too great? Are the applications too narrow? The answer is a resounding “no,” to both questions.

Artificial Intelligence Connecting the Dots demystifies AI, exploring how to embrace it as part of a digital transformation strategy. Discover the opportunities that AI offers, the common pain points, and the right approach to adopt it in your business.

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Connecting the dots

Bridging the gap between bricks and clicks.

• Optimizing search

• Customer relationship management and targeting customers

• Chatbots

• Personalization

• Sales

• Inventory and product management

• Competitive intelligence

AI is shaping the buying and selling experience for shoppers and sellers. It is adding intelligence and personalization to the way we purchase and trade goods and services. In retail alone spending on AI could total as much as US$27 billion by 2025. This will be fueled by the growth of omnichannel retailing. What are the primary areas AI being applied in eCommerce today?

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