Killer Commerce

Commerce is killing it today as brands take aim at engaging customers with disruptive tools and technologies. Artificial intelligence, headless commerce, cutting-edge search capabilities and other disruptors are transforming how customers interact with brands online, in store and through social media. This eBook -- the first in a series -- explores digital disruptors, and provides insight into tools and technologies that brands can weaponize for Killer Commerce.


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Disruptive tools and technologies targeting customer engagement

Numbers Tell a Story

was the increase in sales leads Harley-Davidson saw within three months of applying AI to highly-specific customer targeting.


consumer-focused connected products will be in use within the next two years, leading to an explosion of touch points.

13 billion

of online shoppers say they are more likely to buy a product after watching branded social video content.


of all web-browsing sessions will completed without a screen by 2020.


brands are embracing continuous integration/continuous delivery and deployment.

10 reasons


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