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Generational Spending

Insights into eCommerce Spending: Who? What? How?

Digital commerce is the great equalizer, accessible to almost anyone with a smartphone and a wallet. But the true magic happens when brands “see” individual shoppers and understand how, what, and why they buy. Generation is a powerful lens that reveals sales-boosting insights into unique customer sets. How do age groups differ when it comes to online buying behavior? What are the hallmarks of each generation? Find out in Lens on Generational Spending.

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Generation. A powerful lens.

Gen Z:
Born 1997–2015

Accounts for nearly 18% of digital consumers, though that figure is poised to skyrocket to 40% by 2020

Millennials or Gen Y: Born 1981–1996

Accounts for nearly 39% of US digital consumers right now

Gen X:
Born 1965–1980

Highest household incomes and spending power of all age groups

Baby Boomers:
Born 1946–1964

Though their numbers are on the decline, Boomers include around 74 million people — or 23% of the whole US — and drive approximately 30% of US digital revenue

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