Transatlantic Triumph:

eCommerce Strategies for Expanding in

Europe & North America

Global cross-border eCommerce is set to reach $627 billion by 2022, so how do you successfully take your brand global online?​

Listen to LiveArea's Transatlantic Triumph – eCommerce Strategies for Expanding in Europe & North America webinar recording to understand the benefits of international expansion, and discover LiveArea's 5-step framework to securing overseas success, specifically addressing European and North American markets.  

This webinar recording will provide specific guidance on:




How brands and retailers can identify and target relevant growth opportunities​

How utilising local marketplaces and logistic partnerships in Europe and North America can bridge the gap with customers and meet fulfilment requirements​

How to overcome obstacles including local language, currency, and brand trust

Our speaker.

Elliott Jacobs  | Director, Agency and Commerce Consulting EMEA LiveArea

Elliott joined LiveArea as Director, Agency and Commerce Consulting EMEA in May 2018. He is an experienced global eCommerce and multi-channel retail professional, with expertise in supporting B2C and B2B companies achieve measurable success by identifying and capitalising on emerging digital opportunities across a variety of sectors. Based in London, Elliott heads the LiveArea EMEA agency offering, encompassing digital marketing, trading and strategic services.

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Transatlantic Triumph

eCommerce Strategies for Expanding in

Europe & North America

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